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About the Bicycle Bar

"Betty" the Bicycle Bar is a vintage pop-up bar on wheels, serving drinks from a classic butcher's bike basket. 

Bicycles like these have been used for more than a century to deliver bread, meat, fruit & veg. We love the style of it, but these days we're more likely to be seen delivering drinks to thirsty guests. Tailoring our service to each event, we serve anything from softs and beers, to cocktails and bubbly.

The Bicycle Bar will add a vintage flair to all sorts of events, like press launches, weddings, parties and festivals.

Offering a complimentary bar to guests at private events is our most popular service, however, we can also operate a regular paid bar service. 

Get in touch here with any enquiries or to make a booking.

The Bicycle Bar is part of the Quirky Bars family, a collection of bars with personality, available for hire.