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Bicycle Bar is a quirky new vintage watering hole on wheels, where drinks are served from the baskets of classic butcher’s and baker’s bicycles.

The creative London-based founders, Dan Lloyd and Jo Becker, were inspired by the vintage style of these old trade bicycles that have been used to deliver meat, bread and other staples for more than a century.

Dan said, “We love these classic bikes which combine traditional style with timeless functionality and wanted to get them back to work. Our Bicycle Bar has replaced loaves with liquor to bring vintage flair to parties and events”.

Bicycle Bar is a charming concept bar that can pop-up just about anywhere, and is bound to be very popular at weddings, parties and events.

The founding duo can tailor their service to any event, serving guests with anything from Champagne to cocktails, or wine to whisky. Bicycle Bar can act as a complimentary bar to guests at private events, or as a regular paid bar service.

Dan and Jo are aware that each venue works differently, and will happily help with licensing formalities if required. The team can supply drinks as part of the package, or work with the organiser or venue to serve drinks on their behalf.

Bicycle Bar is based in London, but has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel.

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