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Bicycle Bar for the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Bicycle Bar has been popping-up at Wedding Fairs this month, serving fizz to thirsty brides and grooms-to-be as they piece together their perfect wedding day.

And what better to add unique, memorable and vintage flair to your wedding than the Bicycle Bar?! We serve drinks from the baskets of our classic Pashley delivery bikes, and can cater for all wedding requirements, working with you and your venue to create the perfect experience.

All of this has got us thinking about our vintage wedding favourites… we hope you like our inspiration!

We love to work with West London Vintage to provide these vintage props, and more, for weddings. Check them out for more inspiration!

Bicycle Bar can be tailored to suit any wedding, serving guests with anything from Champagne to cocktails, or G&T to ginger beer. Bicycle Bar can act as a complimentary bar to guests at weddings, or as a regular paid bar service.

Bicycle Bar is based in London, but has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel. Especially to weddings!

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